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Burnside & Associates

The First National Field-Consulting Firm in the Country


Established by Sue Burnside in 1991,  Burnside & Associates is a Los Angeles-based political consulting firm specializing in sophisticated grassroots field operations, turnout programs, ground-based vote-by-mail programs and coalition building.

We use a complement of new technology and traditional grassroots tools (phone banking, voter identification, precinct walking and neighborhood organizing programs) to create highly targeted programs for our clients.


We create the margin of victory for "unwinnable" races through creative, highly targeted and individualized field programs for political campaigns, corporate clients, non-profits, as well as state and local governments.

Fifteen percent of Burnside & Associates' races have been decided by less than one percent of the total votes cast. Our direct mail programs have a 95% win record.


When Burnside & Associates manage a campaign, our clients win.